We are not just a team. We are a FAMILY! We don’t just brew the best beer…we also craft an enriching EXPERIENCE for our consumers, employees and stakte holders! We are a bunch of PASSIONATE people who LOVE brewing beer as much as we ENJOY it. WE ARE THE “MAHOUISTAS!” We believe “Together we can Win” as long as we are true to our Mahou India Motto --- “MAHOUYOUCAN!”

Fernando Bustamante

CEO Mahou India
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Fernando Bustamante CEO Mahou India

Fernando is a graduate in Law from San Pablo CEU University. He also holds a Masters in Marketing Management and Commercial Administration from ESIC, and an Advanced Management Programme from IESE Business School. His professional career has been closely linked to Mahou San Miguel, which he joined in 1991, holding various managerial positions over the years in On and Off Trade. He has been associated with Mahou India since 2017.

"I am a foodie, beer lover ,fan of Football and Golf who follows this leit motiv: “Work hard in silence .Let success make the noise."
Suyog Karajgi 

CFO, Mahou India

Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in the field of Financial Planning, Treasury Management, Compliance & Internal Controls, and Mergers & Acquisitions. He has worked across verticals on Finance Leadership roles and has more than 15 years’ experience in AlcoBev Industry. He has been associated with Mahou India since 2017.

"My priority has always been focusing on small things in life. That is something which brings joy to my heart"
Prasoon Sarkar 

HR Director, Mahou India

Holds PGDBA with Human Resource as specialisation. Has more than 13 years of experience in handling Sales, HR and IR in varied Industries like FMCG, Automotive & Health care; specialising in green field projects wherein he has worked with Japanese, American & European people and their practices. He has been associated with Mahou India since 2013.

"I am an explorer, an observer and a big admirer of nature and its might, beauty and excellence not only in our galaxy but all that exist"
Ramita Chaudhuri

Chief Marketer, Mahou India

M.Sc. Physics with extensive experience in the field of Marketing. She has worked at various posts with the Marketing function in industries like Beer, Telecom, Radio, TV, etc. She has been associated with Mahou India since 2014.

" I am a child of universe… Nuclear Physicist turned Radioactive Marketer… An emotional nurturer with creative DNA who loves photography, painting and singing"
Anshi Srivastava

Legal , Mahou India

Company Secretary and a Lawyer with over 8 years of experience in the field of Corporate Law, Compliance, Litigation, Statutory and Regulatory Affairs. She has experience of working with a law firm, as well as Alco-bev industry. She has been associated with Mahou India since 2014

"I never let away my dreams till I achieve them"
Angel Chicharro Sevilla 

Technical Manager, Mahou India

He holds a Degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Brewing from the prestigious VLB (International Brewing Service, Training & Research Center) in Berlin. His work experience has been focused in beer sector, developing different functions like Production Supervisor, Environmental Manager and Brewery Head. He has been associated with MSM for the past 15 years and joined Mahou India in 2018.

"“ I’m a beer lover with positive thinking and problem solving attitude who loves travelling around the world"
Hemant Chopra 

Sales Head, Mahou India

A graduate from Punjab University with around 30 years of work experience in Sales function. Out of which around 20 years have been in Liquor and Pharmaceutical industry. He has been associated with Mahou India for around 3 years now.

"I am a charismatic and energetic person, half Sherlock Homes and half Superman"