This dish brings something distinctiveness to the table, not to mention a Spanish cuisine flair. If you like eggplant and want to try it in an entirely new way, this recipe could become a new family favorite.

Wings are the ultimate in party food. These beer brine chicken wings are hand held little morsels of tasty goodness.

A tomato-based sauce mixed with salted cod makes a delicious filling for piquillo peppers. These stuffed peppers can also be fried for finger food.

Croquetas de jamón (cured ham croquettes) are small, lightly breaded and fried bechamel fritters that include delicious Spanish cured ham. They are a sure hit as an appetizer or an afternoon snack with a glass of beer.

Fried Fish is made with beer into its coat which gives delicious, light, and crisp results when deep fried. It’s the carbon dioxide bubbles in the beer that create the crisp finish.

Pisto, commonly known as pisto manchego, is a traditional dish that originated in La Mancha ,region in central Spain. Based on the mixture of different vegetables like zucchini, onions, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers..there are several varieties across Spain, some of them includes fried or scrambled eggs on top, like this.

Roasting pork meat in beer makes it incredibly flavorful!

The meat gets a crunchy caramel-like brown crust on the outside and a juicy and consistency on the inside.

Pair a sip of Mahou Maestra Wheat with these spicy potatoes and enjoy their crispy cover along with the intense sauce flavour that comes from the paprika used on it. The best spicy and fruity combination to delight you.

Stuffed mussels is a typical tapa from Spain that consists on breaded and fried bechamel fritters with mussels stuff inside.
Its presentation on the mussels shells make them even more appealing and easy to eat.

Pintxos are snacks from northern Spain notably the Basque country that are usually eaten as appetizers before dinner or even as dinner. Pintxo means ‘spike’ or ‘skewer’, so essentially the food is spiked with a cocktail stick or skewer to hold it in place differentiating it from tapas. These delicious Txaka-Pintxos accompanied by Mahou are a perfect way to enjoy an evening out with your friends or family.