Who Invented The First Beer Can
16 May 2019
Who Invented The First Beer Can

The company American Can is responsible for having invented the can as a container for beer. Back in 1909 they began their attempts to find the perfect formula for storing canned beer, but it was not until 1935 when it began to be marketed.

The can was meant to solve a logistical problem. Before its appearance, the brewing companies could not sell more than 50 kilometers away since the glass bottles had a high production cost and could not be recovered for reuse. Therefore, it was necessary to find a low-cost disposable container that solved this problem.

Gottfried Krueger, a German emigrant who ran his own brewery, had the idea of canning beer and began testing. A short time later, in 1909, the American Can company began to make its own experiments but found two important problems: on the one hand the gas pressure; and on the other the chemical reactions that took place when the liquid came into contact with the metal. In those times, the beer was not filtered so it was sometimes carbonated inside the can until it exploded.

However, the entry into force of the Prohibition in the United States caused the investigation to be postponed until 1933. It was then that American Can managed to manufacture a pressurized can with a special coating that prevented beer from reacting with tin.

Two years later, in 1935, Gottfried Krueger's company became the first brewer to market its canned product. The chosen one was the Finest Beer and it obtained, without a doubt, a great success. Only in that year 200 million units were sold and, quickly, in Europe the invention was patented.

The can of that time had nothing to do with today's. They were made of tin and weighed almost 100 grams, about four times more than they currently weigh. The packaging, they say, was lighter than glass, easy to transport and resistant to knocks and falls. However, the upper part was flat and had to be opened with a can opener. In 1958 they became aluminum and the upper ring did not appear until 1960.

Today the can has little to do with these first and, although it is somewhat reviled given its appearance by some people, each time we are more with this format. 

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