The Importance Of The Glassware
24 May 2019
The Importance Of The Glassware

Ritual enhances consumption and the complete experience. Serving beer in proper glassware is a ritual worth performing; the right glass for the right beer can intensify aroma, accentuate color, and create a memory, so let us give you some tips about beer glassware. 

The first and basic step and also imperative is that the glassware is clean of dirt, dust and  detergent. Otherwise the aroma, flavor and foam our beer will be harmed. As beer experts we never recommended  use of frozen glasses:

  • Upon contact, the beer suffers a shock thermal damage
  • The inner frost is liquefies by diluting the beer
  • Beer too cold loses its properties of aroma and flavor

After this introductory general tips, go to the point of what it is important to use an appropriate type of glass for each beer style. This is a key point because the glass allows us to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the beer.


They are traditionally served in glasses type "flute", especially the styles German, to favor the creation of a good layer of foam.


In general, glasses or stylized cups and mouth narrow that they concentrate theirdelicate aromas.


They are served in goblet glasses with wide mouth that allow better the evaporation of alcohol and where it is expressed better its complexity of aroma and flavor In abbey beers or Trappists, the chalice evokes its monastic origin.


They are served in glasses of type SNIFTER to highlight your profile more 'warm' and liquor.

There is a certain tendency to the use of the glasses of wine especially for tasting The Teku cup is a specific creation of world of beer for this same end.

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