Mahou India is introducing the ¨Cañas y Tapas¨ spanish lifestyle in India. Caña is a small glass of draught beer , Tapa is a small bite of food. Enjoy this Spanish lifestyle, pairing Mahou beers with different small food dishes called tapas.

Here you will find some examples:

The refreshing and soft notes of the beer complements very well the dishes of light meat (chicken, turkey) with vegetables, pineapple and nuts because it also contrasts with the sweet taste of those accompaniments. Grilled seafood, pickles (anchovies with anchovies in vinegar,olives, pickled mussels ..), Thai / Asian cuisine in general.

Salty snack and fritters are also a good pairing option.


Mahou 5star goes well with Vegetables braised in their own juice or grilled, Grilled or marinated fish and the famous russian potato salad or Spanish patatas bravas, which with its spiciness sauce pairs perfect with the toasted roasted notes flavours of Mahou 5-star


Both Spanish and Indian tapas are an awesome combination with the orange aroma and the spicy hints of coriander. Here you find some examples:

  • Cheese like panner tikka, salty snacks like pakoras Flitters like croquettes
  • Seafood and light fish, as the citrus notes of beer enhance the flavors
  • Dishes that combined sausages, bacon and egg
  • Chicken,/pork , in stews with vegetables and grilled with lime/ lemon